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From Pitchfork Economics: How We Reclaim the Center by Moving Hard Left

“For too long, pundits and politicians have talked about the political center as a perfect balance between conservatives and liberals. But this quest for some sort of mythical middle ground between left and right has only succeeded in elevating the interests of the top one percent over everyone else… Nick propose(s) a new way of thinking about centrism: a framework of wildly popular policies that directly and significantly improve the lives of the vast majority of Americans who have been left out of economic growth.” -from Nick Hanauer, on Pitchfork economics

What You Need to Know about the Promising New Think Tank Behind the Green New Deal

New Consensus is based on the belief that the obstacles to climate reform are not technical. They are political. The old neoliberal, “Washington Consensus” that led to incrementalism has centered around the pro-business, pro-Wall Street mindset of the political elite. The neoliberal bubble inside the beltway directs the “economics, government, technology, labor and business” priorities that often stand in the way of fixing systemic problems exacerbated by climate change.