Seventeen is not ignorant.

Seventeen I’m seventeen. That means that when I get petitions in the mail I can’t sign them, which can be so hard sometimes. There are so many things I want to say and I want to stand for, but I can’t yet. So today, when I opened a petition letter from the pro-choice movement I... Continue Reading →


Why you should stop using “brand name” shampoo’s

{Disclaimer: I am not a scientist nor am I trying to pretend I am, I just want you wonderful people out there to know what your being sold and to know there is a better way.} Hey guys... You might just be using that same bottle of pantene that your family buys from costco every... Continue Reading →

Hey, Guys…

I’m Clairabella, call me Isabella, or Izzy, or Fizzy, or Bubbly, or Bubbles… It’s fine, anyway… I’m going to be in charge of the naturalist page as well as one of the authors contributing to The Write Hat. My mom started this blog and me and some friends are helping out. KKKIIITTTTTTTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like cats.... Continue Reading →

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