Seventeen is not ignorant.


I’m seventeen. That means that when I get petitions in the mail I can’t sign them, which can be so hard sometimes. There are so many things I want to say and I want to stand for, but I can’t yet. So today, when I opened a petition letter from the pro-choice movement I really just wanted to sign it, and I couldn’t.

But I realized that didn’t mean I didn’t have a voice, so I sat down and started writing a letter of support to the movement. This is what I wrote:

Dear “the pro-choice” movement,

I would love to support and join this movement. Currently, I am only seventeen & I cannot sign the petition. I don’t have much money to give because I’m a full-time college student & don’t have a job yet.

Personally, I think it’s horrifying that anyone would ever agree to / vote for any kind of anti-choice movement in America. In school, they tell us we’re a country built on the belief that everyone should have freedom. Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, why should we exclude freedom to control our own bodies?

I grew up in a pretty liberal family in a very blue state, but at the start of the last election, I really started to struggle. I felt helpless, not having a vote… see all my friends and I wanted was to have a voice & at sixteen we felt that we didn’t, but we were wrong. I might not be able to vote yet, & I might not be able to sign that petition yet, but I can write this letter & it can be published.

See at sixteen we knew exactly what was going on in the world. We understood that we’d just gotten stuck with a racist, sexist cheeto for president. We understood that our little sisters and brothers wouldn’t grow up in a world where they felt safe, or beautiful, or strong. We understood how lucky we had been growing up, that we had a president who gave us support.

I don’t agree with everything the Obama’s did, but thank god for them really. Michelle appeared on Disney channel every week encouraging kids to eat well. She was this strong woman we could look up to.

I grew up thinking I could do anything. Rock climb? No biggy. Ride a skateboard? Sure. I never cared I was the only girl doing it. I did it because I could, because I didn’t mind a bit of dirt or scratches, because I’m the god-damn toughest person I know.

I’ve dealt with crappy boyfriends, catcalls, girls who tell me I’m weird because I’m not concerned with being someone else’s definition of perfect, and my own father telling me I’m out of shape and “ just looking after me as a fitness trainer”. I’ve fought sexist dress codes that target girls, especially curvy ones by tearing down the school posters and ripping them up. I punched a boyfriend in the face when he called me a bitch, because I was a strong woman who wasn’t going to put up with his constant insults.

I am a woman. I am strong, & powerful, & nothing will ever hold me back. I am perfectly capable of making my own choices and no man is going to tell me that I can’t do something. Not now, not ever.

Thank you,

Claire Isabella Palmer-PageIMG_3225

Why you should stop using “brand name” shampoo’s

{Disclaimer: I am not a scientist nor am I trying to pretend I am, I just want you wonderful people out there to know what your being sold and to know there is a better way.}

Hey guys…

You might just be using that same bottle of pantene that your family buys from costco every other week, but listen up cause I’m going to blow your mind! Im going to explain why brand name shampoo’s (& conditioner) are detrimental to your hair and in some cases even toxic to your body.

Let me start with what everybody knows and loves: your friendly neighborhood toxic shampoo!


Now I’m not targeting just Pantene but this picture is so rediculous. However, it is one to look out for along with any “mainstream” beauty brand selling shampoo. This is because of little devils like parabens, sulfates, & even cruelty.

In my opinion condoning any of these in your life (yes by buying products that aren’t cruelty free you are not only condoning but supporting animal abuse) your hurting both the global community we live in as well as yourself. You can choose which of those is more important to you. ( I can write another blog about that later so be sure to stay up to date on this page for that.)


Parabens: the myths & truths

Parabens do not lead to or cause cancer in anyway.  That is a myth created back in the early 2000’s. However, they aren’t good for your hair. Some people say they are fine on your skin, others say they are dangerous. The truth is they are (at least in terms of cosmetics) synthetic replicas of a natural chemical. This means they aren’t inherently toxic, but they will damage your hair.


Sulfates on the other hand are just bad bad bad! These are horrible toxic chemicals, guys. The FDA says that they can be “safe” in small doses. Think about that statement for a second. They can be, meaning maybe??? HELL NO! You better not be putting that in your hair, fam. Definitely not on your skin or inside you.


Now about what they actually do to your hair: The sulfates coat your hair in a waxy shield that prevents the natural oils in your skin/ hair from reaching your ends, which might sound good but it’s really bad. You need those natural oils for your hair to grow & be strong, but the parabens strip all the oils, including those good natural ones & the sulfates keep them from re-distributing. This causes your scalp to go into overdrive trying to re-oil itself & that can lead to build up &/or an oily scalp.
oily hair

Hold up down there, my fellow dry scalp wonders, you are so not off the hook! These chemicals are doing the same exact thing to your hair as our oily scalped friends in the paragraph upstairs. In your case, though, the already small or clogged pours on your scalp are jammed shut, which means that you’ve stopped generating those good natural oils (or are not generating enough). This could be an effect of the chemicals or it could be something else. In my case, I had really dry skin to start with and thats why I wasn’t generating enough oils in my hair.

dead hair

So what do you do about it? READ THE INGREDIENTS WHEN YOU BUY YOUR HAIR PRODUCTS! I’m serious guys, this is really so important. It will honestly make all the difference in your hair if you first read those ingredients and then opt for brands that are not chalked full of sulfates or parabens. Also, make sure your always checking for the cruelty free stamp. comparing-certified-cruelty-free-bunny-logos-side-by-side

For more about this stay posted on The Write Hat & be sure to let me know what you wanna hear about.