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Tracking this week's poll results and analysis of the 2020 Presidential primary and general election.

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Washington Post Wants A Repeat of 2016

Washington Post and Journalist Jennifer Rubin Publish Over 20 Attacks Against Bernie Sanders by Letitia Page, TYT Army A disturbing trend has saturated the mainstream media’s coverage of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, one that is awfully similar to what we witnessed in 2016. While we continue to debate the reasons for the outcome of … Read More

Poll Rating System

Below is a breakdown of the poll rating system used to determine a pollsters credibility rating. This is a laymen’s rating based on results and averages, not a complicated statistical analysis. Much of that data is complied from other poll tracking sites, primarily Real Clear Politics and Five Thirty Eight. The initial list includes polls used in candidate averages for both national and state polls. We have focused on national polls in this breakdown, though state-by-state pollsters may be added in the future, along with updates of results before each primary and election. For more details, questions, or suggestions, simply subscribe below!

Cumulative PointsGrade

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