Best Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

When it comes to our hair and what looks and feels best to us, there’s rarely one fit that will suit each person. When you’re experiencing hair loss, finding a hair style you feel confident about can be a trying experience. Where and how much your hair may be thinning can be a touchy subject to bring up, but it can also help determine what hairstyles might be best for you. Here are a few tips to help get you started that may even help you avoid an uncomfortable conversation in front of strangers next time you’re at the hair salon.

There could be a lot of reasons for experiencing hair loss. But some types- and their location, are very predictable. Female pattern baldness, for example, tends to start at the crown and spread along the hairline, while Alopecia Areata can occur in patches or areas where hair loss may or may not regrow overtime. Luckily, there are just as many solutions for managing thinning hair as there are reasons and degrees of hair thinning that can occur! Determining the cause ahead of time, however, can help guide the decisions you make going forward.

Making the cut

 If you’re just beginning to see signs of thinning, there are a few simple ways you can make your hairstyle work for. A shorter haircut can add more volume and fullness, for example, while bangs can draw attention to thinning at the crown where most female pattern baldness begins. Understanding how to enhance your look and downplay troubled spots is half the battle already! So, here’s some basic hair cut tips that sometimes make all the difference.

An A-Line bob, or blunt cut that frames the face can hide signs of a receding hairline.

But, for a softer look that still adds body, try texturing rather than layering. Straight hair that’s all one length can pull and weigh down your hair, making it appear even thinner and more limp than before. However, too many layers can also take away needed volume when your trying to maximize the fullness of your look. Texturing adds interest and bounce at the ends of your cut while keeping the fuller appearance to a shorter hairstyle.

Another trick to de-emphasizing thinning on top is to change your part. Switch to a side part, or move one to the opposite side, and keep the strands longer where it flips.

Tips to Give Thinning Hair a Boost

Color & Styling

To add the look of more volume, try adding a slightly darker color at the roots. This is an easy way to mask thinning at the scalp and create a more even, fuller look to your hair. Stick with natural hair dyes that wash out when shampooing. This will help to avoid damage from toxic chemicals that come with most hair dyes. Steer clear of over moisturizing with thick conditioners, as well. They can weigh your hair down, clog follicles, and lead to more hair loss.

If you blow dry your hair, try using a no heat setting, and blow hair from the back forward, and from each side starting at the base of your hairline. This will create more volume and body without needing to use hair sprays or gels that make thinning hair go limp and flat quickly, while also causing unnecessary damage.

Hair thickeners & regrowth products

Using topical hair thickening or hair regrowth products can help stimulate new hair growth and increase the density and thickness of thinning hair. This is a great enhancer for women who want to keep and grow their natural hair. There are numerous products that can strengthen and bolster the fullness of natural hair.

To learn more about different types of topical hair products, we recommend consulting a hair specialist, or even a restoration clinic.

Some salons offer free one-on-one consultations to assess your hair needs, and often have the most up-to-date products available in their salons.

Extensions and Integration Systems to Enhance Your Natural Hair

Hair extensions can add length as well as body to fill in thinning places, while hair integration systems can take things a step further with a more lasting and permanent solution that doesn’t require surgery. Whether a synthetic extension that mimics the look, feel and weight of your real hair, or real hair extensions that add volume and durability, there are multiple options available with hair extensions these days.

Some hair extension lines can match the color, texture and length to your current hairstyle, add highlights, or simply more volume for coverage over thinning patches.

These can be a great bridge between mild thinning and permanent hair loss, so well worth keeping in mind if your hair loss is progressing.



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