I’m Clairabella, call me Isabella, or Izzy, or Fizzy, or Bubbly, or Bubbles… It’s fine, anyway… I’m going to be in charge of the naturalist page as well as one of the authors contributing to The Write Hat. My mom started this blog and me and some friends are helping out.


KKKIIITTTTTTTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like cats. Oh, shoot! Now I look like the crazy cat lady, guys I promise that my friend Trent is more of a cat lady than me…

But for realzies guys come to me for all things hippie. Need hacks for shopping organic? Need help choosing a natural hair or skin care brand? What about some new veggie/vegan/gluten free recipes? stay caught up with us here on The Wright Hat as well as our socials for all the latest tips and tricks

Posted by:Letitia C. Page

Letitia C. Page, political analysis, elections & poll results @TheWriteHatBlog.com Political analysis of recent elections and poll result updates from a Populist POV. I am a writer obsessed with elections and politics giving a voice to a counter perspective not seen in establishment media-on both the right and the left. Look to The Write Hat for current stories, opinion pieces, and in-depth analysis of the important issues in the news.

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