This week I had a rude reminder of just how close to the surface the wounds from this past election still are. Somehow, I thought enough time had passed for the scabs to have grown over, calloused and toughened and better prepared for the next round, only to discover they are all still open wounds lying just beneath a nebulous surface, dissolving in the face of opposition.

Rather than building a calloused, toughened skin, hardening my armor and resolve, I find I am only that much more vulnerable than ever before, a raw nerve exposed that jostles all the way to the core with each new attack, injustice, or unsubstantiated claim.  Knowing what is coming, doesn’t lessen the blow. It just opens the wounds anew, cutting deeper, and I am fighting that same old battle against disillusionment and apathy I’d thought finally put to rest.

No such luck.

Still, it is a year later, and nothing has entirely ceased. The sentiment I felt when Trump won- that we were all activists now, like it or not, hasn’t faded into silence completely. We all still seem to be standing here, clued in speaking up and acting out, organizing, rallying, uniting, dividing, and polarizing once again. I guess a part of me thought as the tide turned towards our favor, we’d all be friends again, the opposition from my same side would end.

No such luck, again.

One sentiment still rings clear, however, hurt or ruffled as my feathers may be. That there is no time for more petty arguing and there’s no more patience for this wasteful game. I will not play or take the bait. The only point of view is forward, the only argument is for a cause, and the only debate is one on issues, not personalities, identity politics, the blame-game-smoke-screen bait-and-switch smearing all over media, op-eds, and tweets.

So organize your attacks upon us. Spread fear and sow seeds that purity tests are a threat. Spin your articles turning fact to fiction, slander into truth, and lies to anger against allies within your camp. I have no time for any of that.

My battle remains where it started, still with Bernie and against Trump, fighting for some kind of a recognizable future where hopes and dreams and aspirations all are possible and worthy, not pie-in-the-sky pipe dreams never to be achieved.

Fighting fire with fire, playing dirty, and compromising all our beliefs away, those tactics are futile and over and won’t be crammed down our throats again, no matter how much twisting, conniving, or attacking there is.


Now, back to organizing around the issues, and not the politics…

See you at the polls!








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