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  • Seventeen is not ignorant.

    Seventeen I’m seventeen. That means that when I get petitions in the mail I can’t sign them, which can be so hard sometimes. There are so many things I want to say and I want to stand for, but I… Read More ›

  • Why you should stop using “brand name” shampoo’s

    {Disclaimer: I am not a scientist nor am I trying to pretend I am, I just want you wonderful people out there to know what your being sold and to know there is a better way.} Hey guys… You might… Read More ›

  • Hey, Guys…

    I’m Clairabella, call me Isabella, or Izzy, or Fizzy, or Bubbly, or Bubbles… It’s fine, anyway… I’m going to be in charge of the naturalist page as well as one of the authors contributing to The Write Hat. My mom… Read More ›

  • Priceless: A Reminder of Past Mistakes

    Just before heading off to bed last night I saw a news flash about an earthquake somewhere in the south Pacific. I decided to wait until morning to read the article. After the bombardment of headlines that greeted my late… Read More ›


      PHASE ONE: OBSESSION I must admit I’ve been guilty of a little social media/political obsession in the past …well, more like A complete obsession for an entire political year, and nearly all of it regurgitated onto my twitter and… Read More ›

  • Amy

    2015 Documentary Starring, Amy Winehouse Directed by, Asif Kapadia Sometimes with people who burned as bright as Amy, it is too intense a flame ever to sustain itself. Inevitably they’re snuffed out, flames blazing highest just before they plummet suddenly… Read More ›

  • Organizing!

    This week I had a rude reminder of just how close to the surface the wounds from this past election still are. Somehow, I thought enough time had passed for the scabs to have grown over, calloused and toughened and better… Read More ›

  • Stop Telling Me to Stay in My Lane. There Are No Lanes Anymore. — Discover

    “Politics does not stick to one lane. It veers across the highway, crashing into ambulances and school buses and running over the occasional bunny. Sometimes it jumps the railing and comes careening into our homes.” via Stop Telling Me to Stay… Read More ›

  • The Senate BCRA Bill Part 2: How Could It Affect Care in Walla Walla?

      The sudden announcement that Adventist General Hospital was closing sent a shock wave through Walla Walla recently. An unwelcome reminder of the precariousness of our healthcare system and how vulnerable we are when systems fail. Walla Walla General Hospital… Read More ›